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Not all plant-based diets are created equal

Posted on 20 December 2019

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 In 2017, researchers compared the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in subjects who ate a healthy plant-based diet against those who ate an unhealthy plant-based diet and those who consumed an omnivorous diet. 

In agreement with a wealth of other literature, it was concluded that the healthy plant-based diet resulted in a reduction in the risk of contracting CHD, however, what was surprising was that the unhealthy plant-based diet increased the risk of CHD more than the diet containing animal foods. 

Dose-response relationship of (A) the plant based diet indices and (B) animal, healthy plant, and less healthy plant foods with coronary heart disease

What differentiates this study from other similar research was that the individuals diet was graded using a plant-based index, the healthier diets consisting of foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The unhealthy plant-based diets included juices, refined grains (white bread) and sweets. Foods, which, although technically vegan/vegetarian, have been shown to be detrimental to some aspects of health. 

This study illustrates the fact that just by consuming plant-based foods, you will not necessarily be reducing your risk of CHD. Those wishing to live a plant-based existence should be more aware as to which foods they should be choosing, as an unhealthy plant-based diet could be worse for your health than eating an omnivorous one.

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