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At Gowing Life we analyse the latest breakthroughs in ageing and longevity, with the sole aim to help you make the best decisions to maximise your healthy lifespan.

Our dedicated team of research analysts from Oxford University and University College London scan the news and breakthroughs in a multitude of areas including gene therapy, nutrition and stem cell treatment to select the most relevant and significant research in longevity.

For the first time in human history we find ourselves not only beginning to understand the biological mechanisms of aging, but there is increasing evidence that we can manipulate these mechanisms to potentially make old age, a disease we all suffer from, a thing of the past. We are dedicated to supporting the scientists around the world achieve this goal as soon as possible. After all, we are not getting any younger… yet!

Meet Our Team

Aimee Slajer

Research Lead

Aimee has undergraduate degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She also holds a DPhil (PhD) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oxford. Most recently Aimee was a senior editor at the prestigious journal Nature Sustainability.

Laurie Pycroft

Neuroscience Research Lead

Laurie is currently finishing his DPhil (PhD) in Neuroscience, at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, at the University of Oxford. Laurie’s research focus is on furthering the understanding of pain mechanisms by studying patients undergoing neurostimulation.

Chris Curwen

Biomed Research Analyst

Chris is currently doing his MSc in Gene and Cell Therapy, at University College London.

Alex Burford

Biomed Research Analyst

Alex has recently completed a BSc in Biomedical Science, from Balliol college, at the University of Oxford

Vladimir Kalinvoskiy

Biomed Research Analyst

Vlad is currently finishing his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, at University College London.

Raymond Ho

Psychology Research Analyst

Raymond has just finished his undergraduate degree in Psychology from University College, at the University of Oxford

Ruben Drayton

Project Manager

Ruben is currently finishing his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology, at Trinity College, at the University of Oxford

Tooki Chu

Biomed Research Ananlyst

Tooki is finishing her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science, at Exeter College, at the University of Oxford.

Jack Sylvester

Media and Production Lead

Jack is the Founder and CEO of J51 studios. He is our multi-talented videographer, editor, and director or media events.

Lewis Sunderland

Full-Stack Developer

Nick Scarth

Front-End Developer

Nick is a computing graduate with over 6 years of web development experience. He has experience developing websites within many different sectors.

John Lucey

Head of IT

John has worked in the industry in different fields for more years than he cares to admit. Lock down images should now only be the images allowed in about us.

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Would you like to join our team and be part of exciting research about improving health, longevity, and well-being? If the answer is yes, you should apply for our Gowing Life Paid Internship Program.

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