How Many People Die Each Day, and Why?

Posted on 17 May 2020

Growing old

COVID-19 deaths are reported daily, and during the peak week of deaths from COVID-19 (13-19th of April) over 7,500 people died each day.

But according to the World Health Organization (WHO) on any given day approximately 150,000 people die. Today over 73% of these deaths are due to non-communicable chronic diseases of aging (heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes, and dementia).

How many people die each day? Infographic created by the VisualCapitalist

By 2050, over 85% of the world population will die from these disease. It is imperative that just as we are trying to cure COVID-19 — we try to find curative treatments for heart-disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and respiratory-diseases.

This brilliant infographic highlights the need to accelerate biomedical research to tackle the root cause of the majority of deaths — the biological process of aging, aka getting old.


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