Genome Editing Conference In Utrecht: Designing New Advances

Posted on 24 June 2016

2016 is a very exciting year for gene therapy. BioViva USA Inc. recently announced their creation of the first clinic to offer commercial anti-aging treatments on Fiji, in collaboration with Sierra Sciences, and the field has been making some bold pushes into the mainstream. Perhaps the biggest event concerning these breakthroughs this year is the new D.N.A Congress. Organized by the Institute of Exponential Sciences in the Netherlands, this event is set to be one of the most important events in the field to date.

Featuring heavy hitters such as Liz Parrish, Aubrey de Grey and Oliver Medvedik, the Institute of Exponential Sciences has managed to bring together the most important people working on healthy life extension today – focusing on advanced biotechnological interventions such as gene therapies. This event isn’t just for the general community; it will be covered by diverse media, and the scientific legitimacy of the speakers (most being Ph.D’s in respective fields) is intended to bring new interest from the scientific and corporate space.

What is the Institute of Exponential Sciences?

Liz Parrish and the Chancellor of the IES meet up to discuss details on the event   

Liz Parrish and the Chancellor of the IES meet up to discuss details on the event  

The Institute of Exponential Sciences is a relatively new, independent and ambitious think tank, which has a strong international orientation. By using its expansive network and a bold, pro-active growth strategy, it has quickly partnered with prominent actors in the life extension and radical innovation space, such as the International Longevity Alliance, the HEALES foundation, LEAF and many others. While they certainly don’t lack enthusiasm, the IES is largely funded by yearly fellow donations and the funds of Demian Zivkovic and Lotte van Noort (The President & Chancellor of the organization; both entrepreneurs heavily invested in obtaining capital for LE ventures). Organizing the D.N.A congress has been burning through their funds at an extremely fast rate.

Help support longevity science!

If you support their work, and are a fan of organizations such as BioViva, the SENS Research Foundation or LEAF (, why not donate to their crowdfunding campaign? By doing this, you contribute towards pushing life extension & gene therapies out of the fringe, opening the door for large-scale public and private investments which can kickstart technologies that will vastly expand human health and longevity.

When and where is the conference?

The conference will take place in the RASA-Utrecht on the 9th of July from 11:00 to 18:00. The fee is 30 euros (10 euros for students). Two editors from the Longevity Reporter (Sven and Victor) will be there and hope to welcome our readers there too!

Pauwstraat 13a
Utrecht (The Nederlands) 


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