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Coronavirus Update: Photographer Documents Dramatic ‘Ghost Town’ Feel of Current Life in Shanghai

Posted on 29 January 2020

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Shanghai based photographer and artist documents the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on life, and China’s New Year’s festivities on the 25th of January. Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 24 million people, but in these photographs it looks like a post-apocalyptic abandoned city.

This year’s Spring Festival, covered by the pneumonia panic in Wuhan, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, at least more than 10 million people stayed home during the New Year, and tour groups were cancelled one by one. The tourists to Shanghai in the New Year are history The least number means that the city has moved from quiet to quiet!

Shen, Google translated from Chinese to English.

Thus far Shanghai has reported a total of 66 coronavirus cases. Of the 66 cases, 35 are males and 31 females. They range from 7 to 88 years old. Gu Honghui, a deputy secretary general of the Shanghai government, said speculation about an impending lockdown of the city was a misunderstanding. City officials are closely monitoring the health situation before taking any major decisions that could affect business and daily activities, he added.

Really walking on the street, I found that there are still many people swaying, not empty, but I still feel the kind of depressed silence, and it is passive and reluctant!

Shen, Google translated from Chinese to English

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Outbreak Across the World. (2020). Retrieved 28 January 2020, from

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