Combination therapy stimulates Bone Regeneration

Posted on 16 September 2019

A study has shown that a combination of collagen or elastin membranes and low level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) dramatically increases the rate of bone regeneration and healing process post-surgery.

The polymer membranes are promising alternatives in regenerative medicine studies because of their ability to stimulate and support cell proliferation. However, they have limitations that the laser seems to compensate in a significant way.

There was an increase of 20-25% in the volume of newly formed bone in the groups receiving the membranes combined with laser therapy compared with the group not treated with the laser.

Morphometric analysis of bone volume in the different experimental groups (G1 to G6) 6 weeks after grafting. Letters were added to indicate statistic analyze: when the same letter appears, there is no significant difference; however, different letters indicate significant differences between groups (p < 0.05)

LLLT alone doubles the rate of bone formation post-surgery, compared to the control. This is by an increase in cell metabolism and fibrin resorption, and a decrease in the release of inflammatory mediators. In addition, LLLT acts as a biostimulator by increasing mitochondrial functions and stimulating tissue regeneration.


  1. dos Santos, D.A., de Guzzi Plepis, A.M., da Conceição Amaro Martins, V. et al. Effects of the combination of low-level laser therapy and anionic polymer membranes on bone repair. Lasers Med Sci (2019).
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