Cognitive Enhancement

An introduction to Cognitive Enhancement

Posted on 10 April 2020

Whilst physical longevity is important, quality of the extended life is also important. This could be achieved by an enhanced cognition. In this series of articles, we will explore how we improving the cognitive abilities of the brain could be relevant to you, where the forefront of scientific research is at, and why you should care.

We’ve all seen films like Lucy or Limitless, and fancied about some magical device or event that could make us incredibly smart. Cognitive enhancement is a bit like that, only data-driven and critically accessed. The importance of Cognitive enhancement towards longevity and aging goes without question – without enhancing our brain, how are we going to take care of our most important but degenerating organ, and even if we are able to, how are we able to sustain a high quality of life without maintaining high levels of cognitive functions?

This is obviously a very wide topic to address, and before we dive into modern research, it would be good to acknowledge the different fields that could be considered as means for cognitive enhancement. This series of articles is inspired by one of my tutors this year – Roi Cohen-Kadosh’s lecture series on Cognitive Enhancement at University of Oxford.

Fields in Cognitive Enhancement

Statistical issues regarding enhancement

Ethical issues regarding enhancement

Physical and Cognitive Training


Drugs and Nutrition

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