Gene Therapy

An Improved Protocol for AAV Production

Posted on 22 December 2019

The biggest obstacles that still stand in the way of universal AAV utilization are the difficulties of purifying AAVs and the low viral amounts obtained.

A more refined, efficient and economical method for producing of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) for gene therapy has presented an improved revision of current preparation protocol.

Using iodixanol purification, this new protocol aims to overcome these obstacles. By eliminating contaminants, this method of purification improves AAV purity, lowers inflammation, and improves viral transduction in vivo.

Flowchart of AAV purification.

This could make it much easier to develop gene-based medicine by providing access to inexpensive and pure AAV preparations in the future.


  1. Kimura, T., Ferran, B., Tsukahara, Y. et al. Production of adeno-associated virus vectors for in vitro and in vivo applications. Sci Rep 9, 13601 (2019).
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