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A Call To Action For Longevity Research

Posted on 10 October 2023

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The Dublin Longevity Declaration is a call to arms for researchers, governments and entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on the World’s leading cause of suffering and death – the ageing process. The Declaration lays out the key arguments that extending healthy lifespan is an achievable goal and should be among humanity’s top priorities. Academics and public supporters alike are free to sign the declaration. Here is a summary of the key points:

  • There is a deep-seated assumption that ageing is inevitable, but all evidence suggests that this assumption is incorrect and that ageing is malleable.
  • Ageing is the primary cause of chronic diseases and suffering, and understanding why we age and what can be done about it are among the most important problems in human biology.
  • Solving these problems would have immense benefits for humanity and would repay the cost of research many times over.
  • Research is expanding in multiple directions ripe for further exploration, such as cellular reprogramming, gene and cell therapy and new small molecules.
  • Policymakers and institutions should acknowledge the paradigm shift in longevity research and should dramatically increase support and funding towards innovation in this field.

A five-year extension in human healthspan, with equitable access for all people, would save trillions per year in healthcare costs, provide extra life quality across the entire population and ameliorate the demographic challenges that are happening in the first half of this century.

Dublin Longevity Declaration
Consensus Recommendation to Immediately Expand Research on Extending Healthy Human Lifespans

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