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The Anti Ageing Molecule Klotho Could Prevent High Blood Pressure

Posted on 20 August 2020

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High blood pressure is one of the biggest predictors of disability and mortality amongst the elderly. We know that excessive salt intake can cause high blood pressure, but some individuals are more sensitive to salt intake than others. Young people seem to be more resistant to the effects of salt intake than older people, but until recently we did not understand why.

A study now suggests that Klotho, an anti-ageing protein produced by the kidneys, may be responsible. Klotho modulates insulin function and protects against oxidation and inflammation, particularly in the cardiovascular system. However, the production of this protein declines with age.

IJMS | Free Full-Text | Klotho: A Major Shareholder in Vascular ...

The research group first confirmed that salt sensitivity increased in aged mice, and revealed that the cause is that the blood concentration of the anti-aging factor Klotho protein decreases with age. Furthermore, the group clarified the molecular mechanism Wnt5a-RhoA pathway for the first time.

The researchers then showed that the abnormal activation of this pathway could be reversed by supplementing with the Klotho protein. This suggests that Klotho levels might predict the development of hypertension, and also raises the prospect of preventing or treating hypertension with Klotho supplementation. Human trials are currently underway to investigate whether this is effective.

Exercise can boost Klotho levels, but is less effective in older people. There is also evidence that some supplements (such as gentian root extract) and probiotics (Acidophilus and L.lactis) can increase Klotho levels.

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