Spray-on Nanofiber ‘skin’ may Revolutionise Wound Care

Posted on 26 July 2019

Nanomedic’s SpinCare device emits a web of electrospun web-like nanofibre “second skin” that attaches to the skin and forms a transparent, protective film that adjusts to the morphology of the wound. Once the wound has healed and new skin is regenerated (usually between two to three weeks) it naturally peels off on its own. This bypasses the need for bandage dressing and reduces the chances of potential infections.

You put it only once—on the day of application—and it remains there until it feels the new layer of skin healed.

Dr. Chen Barak. Nanomedic CEO

Moving forward, Nanomedic is investigating how to include different additives to the SpinCare’s capsules, such as antibacterial compliments, collagen, silicone, cannabinoids—and, eventually, stem cells and cellular treatments.

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