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Posted on 29 August 2015

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Funding is improving but still woefully deficient in the world of longevity research. If we want to quicken progress we have to invest now, and for forward thinkers it can be frustrating waiting for the rest of the public to catch up and jump on the longevity bandwagon., launched by the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, hopes to jump-start longevity research by connecting projects directly to you – enabling you to #crowdfundthecure

‘ is a website designed to house today’s most promising life extension projects. People are invited to contribute financially to the ones they wish to support. This unique approach to crowdfunding gives the public the opportunity to learn about longevity research, meet the people making it happen, and allows them to be a part of promising, historical breakthroughs in life extension technologies.’

Crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have proved phenomenally successful in launching innovative concepts, and life extension sorely needs more support. With supporters including George Church and launch projects involving Harvard Medical School and the SENS Research Foundation, offers an excellent platform to connect research directly to its supporters. 

LEAF President Keith Comito says, “By inviting the public to participate, the organization is creating an environment where everyone can be involved and have a stake in the results. Equitable distribution of the benefits that life extension technologies have to offer is the key to achieving the results we all want: healthier and longer lives. LEAF welcomes everyone to join us and discover more.” has a YouTube Channel, Facebook, and Twitter profile and a blog where people can find the latest in lifespan, aging, and longevity news.

To participate in and lend support to current projects, visit

Join the conversation with the #CrowdFundtheCure hashtag.

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