Let there be Light Therapy

Posted on 23 September 2019

Photobiomodulation, or low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT), is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions e.g. vitiligo, psoriasis and acne. By enhancing ATP production in the mitochondria, this treatment optimises cellular function and the healing process.

The absorption of red or near infrared light by mitochondrial chromophores within the mitochondria causes photo-dissociation of inhibitory nitric oxide from cytochrome C oxidase. This leads to enhancement of enzyme activity and therefore ATP production.

Mechanism of action LLLT
Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy
(LLLT) in Skin: Stimulating, Healing, Restoring

By altering the cellular redox state, numerous intracellular signalling pathways are activated, leading of the array of beneficial outcomes.

LLLT appears to have a wide range of dermatological applications, especially in indications where stimulation of healing, reduction of inflammation, reduction of cell death and skin rejuvenation are required.


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