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Beta-Glucan Enhances Immune Cells and Lowers Cholesterol

Posted on 8 July 2020

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Beta-glucan is a type of fibre found primarily in cereals, yeast and certain mushrooms. It is one of the most well studied immune system supplements, with over 50 years of research to support its benefits.

Publications concerning beta-glucan, (751 in 2019)
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Beta-glucan enhances the immune system by binding and aiding the activation of immune cells such as macrophages and natural killer cells. This may be particularly beneficial in the ageing immune system, in which the ability of these cells to recognise and activate in response to pathogens is impaired. Beta-glucan may also protect against cancer, by helping immune system recognise and destroy cancer cells.

Meta analyses have also shown that 3 grams of beta-glucan per day is sufficient to reduce blood cholesterol, thereby protecting the ageing heart against disease. An analysis of 20 studies also found beta-glucan to significantly reduce weight and BMI.

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