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Confronting Love’s Unwillingness to let go: Coping with Grief under Coronavirus

We make jokes about why we should have Zoom dates, marriages or graduation, since our lectures and work meetings are all online. But when we are saying goodbye to one we love during the unfolding pandemic, this might not even be a choice. Live streaming a Zoom funeral might just be the most depressing thing, being unable to hold the hands of your loved ones and send them on their last journey. Some would even consider this lucky. Corpses of patients with COVID19 are considered a biohazard, and with the NHS and other healthcare systems completely overwhelmed, some family members simply get a text from the hospital and get told the body will be cremated and sent back in a box. Undoubtedly, in times like this, many are left feeling depressed, lonely and helpless. The West is far from alone, Chang Kai, a famous director from Hubei died in Wuhan on February 14th. The virus took along with him his father, mother and older sister all self-quarantined in their home because there were no hospital beds, being survived with his only son in London.

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